Gouttières is a small French village, located near the city of Bernay in the Departement of l'Eure and the Région of Haute-Normandie.

Around Gouttières, culture lovers will discover many natural, historical and cultural wonders : numerous castles, churches, gardens, museums, monuments and other tourist attractions are worth visiting.

Nestled in the heart of remarkable natural sites, you will also enjoy various leisure activities (golf, horseback riding, hiking, etc. ..) that will give you a true feeling of freshness and a sense of well being » .

  • Ecuries Evasion/Mr HAMELET: Beaumesnil : beautiful ponies - Pony riding and excursions.
  • Zoo de Cerza: Large zoo where you can observe the animals in semi-liberty in their natural environment.
  • Ferme cidricole La Godinière Le Noyer en Ouche: discover the cider, the Calvados and the Godinier wines at Annie and René Lesur's.
  • Base de loisirs de Brionne
    Open from June to September, the base offers many activities around a lake of 22 ha.
  • La poterie de l'Iguane
    Formally called "La Cour des Potiers", La poterie de l'Iguane Normande welcomes you warmly and offers some custom tailored ceramic pottery classes.
  • Parc animalier La Dame Blanche
    St Julien de Mailloc: animal rescue centre and educational farm where children experience the animal and vegetal world in a new way.
  • Chateau du Champ de bataille
    This castle is undeniably one of the most lavish homes of Normandy.
  • L'Abbaye du Bec Hellouin
    The Benedictine monks in residence make renowned handmade ceramic pottery.
  • Maison et jardins de Claude Monet
    Claude Monet is recognized as one of the founders of Impressionism
  • Chateau de Beaumesnil
    Exceptional Louis XIII baroque castle, Beaumesnil is a classified historical monument.
  • Moulin d'Andés The last known example of a moulin " pendants ".It is classified as a historic monument.
  • The parc naturel régional des Boucles de la Seine Normande is a real breath of fresh air.
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  • Bernay is located in the west of the Eure department (27) in Upper Normandy.
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